I’ve had this best friend for a year and half. She’s a young wife like me, with a great husband. We connected instantly. She’s constantly saying I’m her “soul mate”. Which describes it perfectly. Not in a romantic way. I’ve never had a close friend like this. But truth be told I put her before my own husband and life. She has gone above and beyond for me as well though. My husband is displaying concern on how much time I am spending with my friend. He loves her too, but thinks the time spent together is excessive. I don’t want to cut back on my BFF time, knowing how easily friends can drift apart. Is it so bad to have such a friendship that is inseparable?

Dear Beckett,

I think it is wonderful that you and this young woman are such good friends. Good friends are very hard to find, and since you’ve never had a close friend like this before it is special, but your understanding husband and your family, should come first. Beckett, I have had a close friend for 40 years. Over those 40 years, we have had to drift apart geographically but have always remained close in our hearts. We both have had big, busy families and have gone weeks without talking, but when we do catch up it is as though we haven’t missed a step. I honestly believe, we are kindred souls, who will forever and always be there for one another, but we must also lead our own separate lives. Your husband should be your friend that lasts forever.
As long as you remember your husband, your family and yourself must come first, then I say enjoy this time.
Time moves so fast and even if we don’t want it to the stress of day to day life can change friendships very quickly.
Friendships are a wonderful bonus in life but your family is forever.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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