Do you think it’s acceptable to snoop through a husband or wife’s text messages, or emails? Just to keep an eye on things? What about a boyfriend or girlfriend doing this. Is there ever a time when it’s ok?

Dear Lee,

NO, I don’t think it is ever o.k. to invade someone’s privacy however, I completely understand why people would want to.
I have to think in today’s world, that every husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend has text or emailed something private to someone other than their significant other. Maybe they communicated with a best friend or a family member, they needed to vent and didn’t feel they could talk to their partner. It makes sense right, since email and text messages have become an accepted way to communicate.
Lee it comes down to trust. If you are in a committed relationship with someone, you should trust that person.
By snooping through their phone or email you have eliminated the foundation of trust on which a committed relationship should be built.
If you can’t trust the person you choose to be in a committed relationship with, choose again.
Life is to short to spend time looking over someone’s shoulder and worrying about what they are up to. There is no way to stop or control someone else’s behavior by “keeping an eye on things.” In my opinion if you feel you have to “keep an eye on things” “things” aren’t right and YOU know it.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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