My husband is refusing to sleep in our bed. He has been sleeping on the couch since our son turned 1. He is now 18 months old. Reason being my son usually crawls in the bed and sleeps with me so my husband would go to the living room. Last weekend we put together a big boy bed for my son that he has been sleeping in. But my husband still will not come to bed and sleep with me he says the couch is more comfortable. Is he having an affair? Did I do this to him by making him leave Bc of of our son.

Dear Jay,

Wow…18 months? First things first did you ask your husband to come back to bed? I mean really ask? I have to say I completely understand why your husband did not want to share the bed for 18 months. Let’s be honest we have all occasionally let our children crawl into bed with us. I would let my children sleep with me if they had bad dreams, were feeling ill, if I was exhausted when they were very young, but not for 18 months.
Whatever the reason was that kept your son in your bed, it is over now, however you need to have a conversation with your husband. Hey Jay, here’s an idea, put your son to bed and make it a special, romantic, sexy night for you and your husband.
Show him that you want him to come back to where he belongs, with you.
Hopefully a romantic, sexy, special invite will help smooth out any wrinkles in those sheets and put the bounce back in your marriage.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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