I hired a family friend to tutor my daughter with school work that she’s struggling with. I’m home while my daughters working but I stay out of sight so they can both be free of distractions. The last session I happened to peek in on them I found the tutor snoozing. I woke her up instantly and laughed about it but then I felt funny handing her her pay. My daughter hadn’t been doing much better and she also said that this has happened before. I’m not paying her to stick a sheet in front my daughter and sleep. Should I snoop the next few sessions to see if I catch her sleeping again?

Dear Nicole,

Time for a new tutor. The fact is your daughter isn’t doing much better so this isn’t working.
Why don’t you speak to your daughter’s teacher and inquire if there is someone the teacher would recommend. When my son was in High School he tutored a young boy in math and the kid caught on very quickly. I think the boy thought it was “cool” learning from a “football player and good student” and my son could really relate with the boy.
I’m sorry but the goal here is to improve your daughter’s understanding of something she is struggling with in school, not set a work sheet under her nose and let her struggle through it.
Nicole, nap time is over and school is out on your tired tutor.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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