Hey OTM,

I’m going to cut right to the chase! I am a momma who gets her kids involved with house chores. They are under 10 but are school age. Ok, i am talking some light vacuuming, placing your dishes in the dishwasher or sink, cleaning your room everyday, making there bed and helping with some of my chores like dusting, or even bagging the leaves i let lay in my yard way to long. And recently are teaching them to do their own laundry! Ok, this doesnt go my way EVERY DAY but it is a process that I intend to keep pushing at. My very laid back sis in law told me i am treating them like slave children, that the things i am having them do is MY JOB alone. I am not standing over them with a wip and mega phone barking at them. I just think they can help out a little and get on routine of participating. Is this so wrong? Everyone knows i love my kids. So what if i have them help out around the house, right?

Dear Gina,

Congratulations, for raising your children to be responsible, helpful, contributing family members. You are absolutely doing the right thing. There is nothing wrong with teaching children values. Those values would be, we are a family and we work together, you made the mess and now you clean it up, you are not at a restaurant or I’d be getting a tip to carry you dishes, chores are part of life so get use to them.
I am sorry your sister-in-law doesn’t see the value of teaching your children responsibility but then I don’t see the slavery point. Keep up the good work, children love to be involved, even though sometimes they may gripe a little.

I guarantee that having well rounded, self reliant, prepared teenagers and young adults will beat the hell out of having entitled, lazy ones. Watch and see…

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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