Do you believe every day people can have a sixth sense of when things will happen? Or do you think it is coincidence?

Throughout my life i have had very strange things happen to me. Let me give you a few examples because there are many:

I was telling my sister about a person i worked with that i took a trip with and how funny the trip was, i haven’t see this person in three years an haven’t really thought of them. The very next day in the store i hear my name being called. It’s this person i haven’t seen in three years…

Another time i once again was talking to my sister about an old friend that was close with me that i never talk to at all anymore but she is added on my facebook, The next day i see a call coming through i didnt know who it was so i didnt pick up. I get a text right away. “It was that old friend- ‘Hey, sorry my daughter had my phone and accidentally bumped your name”…..i’m assuming b.c my number is linked? not to odd but strange.

More recently , A little over 2 weeks ago my husband and i were talking about how he left his old job 4 months ago and i asked if any of his buddies have tried to contact him at all from there. He was disappointed but said no, not even Rob…30 minutes later, Rob called him…after 4 months of silence….freaked us both out.

And last but not least this past sunday i was having a conversation with my gram about an accident on a lake that happened years ago and how a little girl was ice skating and fell through the ice and drowned…the next day on monday while at my in-laws my mother in law says let’s take a walk. At the end of our walk she decided to do a turn around through the local cemetery to stay off the highway. Out of all the graves what does she do. Walks me up to a grave( i thought a relatives) and points out how sad for this little girl to drown in the lake while ice skating….It was that girl i spoke of just the day before….i was speechless.,

Whats your take on this? Am i just being silly?

Dear Sixth Sense,

I absolutely do believe in the power to sense something is about to happen, with all of my heart.
It has happened to me so many times in my life, I try to NEVER ignore the signal or vibe and I always check it out.
Here are a few examples of why I am so happy I trusted my sixth sense.

When my oldest son was a baby I put him for a nap in his crib. My husband at the time was outside working on the car. It was daytime however, the roof of the carport cast a shadow where he was working. He came to the door and asked me to come out and shine a flash light on the area he needed to work on. So I went outside to help.  As I was holding the light a terrible, sick feeling washed over me and my heart began to pound. I immediately said “I have to check the baby”, placed the flash light down, rushed into my 6-month old son’s room, who had only been a sleep for maybe 20 minutes. There he was in the crib turning blue. He had taken his sock off and was sucking on it. He had sucked it way down his throat. I rushed over pulled out the sock, picked him up and blew very hard in his face. He gasped and caught a breath. Thank you Lord for the nudge and that I paid attention to it.

Another occurrence was when we were living in another country. I was watched my 3 and 6-year-old sons play, as I nursed my new baby girl. There was about 10 minutes to go until my oldest son was due to get off the school bus. We would all have to walk down to the road and wait for the bus. Suddenly something came over me. I looked at my 6-year-old son and said “I just had an awful vision your brother was hit by a car.” With that there was a frantic pounding on the door and a women was screaming “hurry, hurry your son has been hit by a car.” I put the baby in the cradle and ran to the road screaming his name. There he was lying in the road. My 3 and 6-year-old sons were running behind me. As I got to him he started to get up. Thank the Lord he was fine, just frightened. He said he was barely touched but laid there frightened. He said he knew when he heard me coming, he could get up and he’d be ok. Come to find out the bus was 15 minutes early, which was very odd and he said he was walking home because we weren’t there. Weird or what? My 6-year-old kept saying over and over “my Mommy knew; my Mommy knew”. Believe it or not that is just two examples out of hundreds of times in my life, my sixth sense has proven its power and to heed it’s call.

It is sad but I firmly believe most people have lost their ability to acknowledge their sixth sense, due to years of constant over stimulation. Our minds are rushed, pushed, prodded, force fed, brain washed, assaulted and hijacked every second, of everyday. We chose to follow so many things over our natural instincts or cognitive energy. Because of all of the noise we choose, such as TV, radio, music, conversations, phones, computers and much, much more compounded by the noise we don’t chose, hearing and heeding to an inner voice as well as believing in a feeling or sense of something, can be very difficult. The truth is, we are in fact animals who at one time had to rely on our own instincts and senses to survive, however in this day and age, that is no longer the case.

In my mind what I believe you may be experiencing, is cognitive energy and that you have the clarity of mind to recognize it. You think deeply and clearly of someone and the energy you release from your mind draws that person to you. Remember, your brain is active all the time. It is a very powerful machine and it uses 20% of the bodies energy.

So to answer your question, YES, I believe in the sixth sense and you are not at all being silly. Follow you gut, listen to the inner voice and heed it’s call and amazing things will happen.

Great question thank you.

Huge Muther Hugs,

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