Dear OTM,

My sister in law seems to always have wet hair whenever I see her. She must take showers right before she has to be somewhere then runs out without drying her hair. Which is fine, it’s her hair. BUT I may have said something that I shouldnt have I suppose because now she isn’t speaking to me. I saw her over the weekend and once again she had dripping wet hair. So I made the joke while playing with my nephew (her son). I think mommy is secretly a mermaid, because she always has wet hair! Then I laughed a little and said to my sister in law is that your secret And winked at her. It was just a joke, I was only teasing I mean the whole family jokes around about different things, she even dishes it out. She stood up took her son by the hand told me I was rude and immature then left my home. I tried calling her but she ignores my calls. My brother in law said she refuses to talk to me right now. I’m confused, this is being blown up over nothing. Was my joke rude? What did I do wrong?

Dear Bridgett,

Wow, either you truly did uncover her secret or she is all washed up, I thought the comment was cute.
There has to be something more to it for her to react in such a indignant manner, maybe she was having a rough day or woke up feeling crappy either way that reaction was way over the top. It is also extreme that now she won’t speak to you.
Send her a text or note and tell her you are sorry you meant no disrespect, hopefully she won’t act like a fish out of water and accept the apology.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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