On Sunday I received a private message on Instagram, that rocked me. Shauna who’s IG handle is @cancerfreefaithallowed is just one of the many women in the Tough Muther Army who are living proof that in life, tough times happen, you just have to get up, gut it out and keep moving forward.

Shauna wrote: I really don’t like too many photos. I’ve had such a struggle in 5 months, most would have laid down and givin’ up!! At times u best believe I felt I couldn’t go on anymore. Then one small #godkiss I call them would happen. When someone I didn’t know would say something or do some small gesture to kick u back n gear. So #onetoughmuther sent me this in the mail. I don’t know her personally she just takes her time out to give back! I wore it today! I don’t feel anywhere near as physically strong as what I did. I lost 48 pounds in this battle. I was all muscle to start with. But mentally I became one strong lady. I’m not sure when someone decides to make someone feel better by taking time out of their day to do something like this but it means so much to those of us trying to #survive So shout out to all the people who have done small gestures to make me feel like I tough Muther and not give up n this #battle to #standstrong because I don’t like to #flagnorfail #cancer #living#survivor #fight #fighting #muscle #strong #believe #imafighter #brave #nevergiveup

So to the next person and the person after that who asks me, why I do it? Why do you send tee shirts to women all over the world for free, THIS is why;

I do it because, I CARE and because, I CAN.

Stay Strong!

One Tough Muther

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