Have you ever heard of “The secret”? There is a book out and a movie and It has to do with changing your thinking into positive thinking, and how your thoughts can affect what happens in your life. Well i admit when i first watched it , i didn’t think it could work,but i tried. I was running late for an appointment, i wasn’t late yet but at the rate i was going i wouldn’t make it on time.So i said what the hell lets try this positive energy. Me in the car in my head ” We are going to be on time, We are not going to be late, We will be on time” over and over the whole ride. Well i kid you not, i SOMEHOW arrived on time! I may have been going a little fast but still..Then recently i was visiting a friend and dragged it out to late. I had to leave at a certain time to be there to get kids off the bus. Well there was no way around this. I was still on the freeway at the time the bus always comes. I missed the bus, now i have to wait for the route to finish then go pick the kids up later, oh boy. BUT i thought to myself.” The bus will be late today, i will not miss the kids, everything will work out”. I get to the stop 8 minutes late, waited a little then, decided to call the school to let them know i was late and missed the bus. As i am explaining this, the bus pulls up! The driver says to me i am so sorry we are so late today!..I thought to myself did that just happen? This bus comes the same time everyday and every day i am here on time waiting, the one day i’m late and it works in my favor?! hmmm, maybe there is something to this?

Dear Tawny,

YES, a positive attitude does exactly what The Secret says it will, it creates positive results.
I’m definitely not saying that EVERY TIME, 100% of the time if you are running late, encounter a problem or someone gives you grief your positive thoughts and attitude will change that negative event into a positive situation but I will say 90% of the time it works.
Each day a positive mindset places the day in a positive light and a smile instead of a frown will help you tackle any job.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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