I am on a dating site and I started talking to this man who happens to be a coworkers ex husband. We are teachers, us women, so our school is big and her & I are not “friends” so much but we do chat here and there. I asked her if she minded me pursuing him and she no and that I can have him. But should he be off limits?

Dear Jenny,

Back Off???? Hell NO Girlfriend! One man’s or I should say woman’s “trash” may be another woman’s treasure.
You may really enjoy being with this guy and if you pass up this opportunity it could be a big mistake.
Wow, how freakin awesome are you to have stepped up the the plate and asked her if it would bother her.
You totally didn’t have too, but you did and I am very proud of you for that.
Jenny, side note…Do Not get involved with WHY they broke up, talk to anyone about it if he tells you or ever discuss it with your or her or co-workers. Not ONE word.
You are not her and do not know what went on in their marriage so be very clear not to ever go there. I doubt you will because you sound extremely aware and respectful but if someone ever asks you, oh and Honey they will, and you find yourself slipping something ever so tiny, STOP and think of Muther. There are two sides to every story as you well know and people have different expectations in a relationship so stand clear of any drama and never go there.
Good Luck Jenny, I truly hope it works out.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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