Dear one tough muther,

My face has a tendency to turn bright red if I’m put on the spot or the center of attention or even being embarrassed. People notice and point it out. Is their anyway to make it a funny thing, I’m not good with words so do you have something funny I could say to break the attention to my face-when the attention is drawn to my face.

Dear Marica,

What a wonderful question because MY face has always turns red when embarrassed or put on the spot. that lovely endearing quality comes naturally with my Irish/American roots. I have wracked my brain to come up with a clever come back for you but I can’t seem to think of one, other than one time I said “if you think this is red you should see it when I’m sunburned” people laughed with me and it blew over.
The best thing I have found is if someone draws attention to my red mug, acknowledge it. Snicker, throw out a quick one liner and then move on.
Marica, the less defensive you become the better it is for you. Remember EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE has super embarrassing moments that they would love to be erased from everyone’s memory, so let it roll.

Good Luck from one pale red face to another.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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