What fun, One Tough Muther! I am too :-). Good for you for therapy of faith and all the actions it took to connect your services to serve families!

It looks like you could step in and fill my costumes and roles & perhaps my size 7 shoes My tough Mother costume is currently in the closet and I have been using mostly my Tooth Fairy and Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East and Major Prudence Wright, MP…the only real live walking-talking Medical Police with a mission to empower everyone to police themselves! 😉

I am looking for a Core Team of creative action-takers that value happy, healthy families, community service and learning that will also help them get projects crossed off their own “To Do lists”.

We are aligning to schedule a family-friendly event at The Broadmoor for leaders that are interested in the WOMAN…the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.

If interested, send an email to wellnessweavers2@gmail.com with “Broadmoor Event” in the subject line so we can send a link to arrive at the event date that works for the most people.

All the best for all,
aka the “Sister Sues” et al

Dear Sister Sue

Thank you for your invitation, it was very kind of you to reach out but I will have to pass. At this time I have my plate full trying to get my column recognized to help girls and women and couldn’t possibly take on another project.

Best of luck and continued success in your noble cause.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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