I am fuming! I have been with my company for many years. I go above and beyond, I put in the extra hours, I go out of my job duties to help out around the office. Word of a promotion in my department came up around three months ago and word around the office was that I was in mind of that. I love my job but a little more responsibility would be wonderful and more pay is even better. So I continued as I do, there really wasn’t much to modify to myself to get noticed I already do a lot .Long story short , a younger woman who hasn’t been there as long as I have was given the promotion. This makes me angry on many levels. This woman is very nice but it is like a social party while at work. I swear every time I see her she is off chatting someone up when there is work to be done. I am so angered I approached my boss and explained how I feel I deserved it and that I think he should reconsider, that it is about time I move up. My boss said not to take it so hard and everything will be fine and rubbed my back and walked away. I am feeling like even though I have put in all these years here that I am going to leave my job. To make a point. I’m not sure I’ll find anything right away or even in my area of work but I am crushed and I am feeling they played favorites instead of who deserves the promotion. Should I suck it up that i wasn’t given the promotion or move along and hope I find work else where? I feel like I am being taken complete advantage of and over looked and this is not the first time. I don’t know what else to do!

Dear Jodi,

That so sucks! I absolutely HATE office politics. I, also feel you are being disregarded and not given the complete story.
Since you’ve tried speaking to your boss and received the “actual” pat on the back that avenue is closed unless you think trying again will benefit you. However I always say DO NOT make a decision based on raw emotion. Wait until you’ve had the chance to sleep on it. You need to weigh out your options. Jobs are hard to find and getting hired could take some serious time.
My opinion is to keep working and while you are looking so you look at the internet and newspapers.
Jodi, you sound like a good worker and very responsible. You will find something better soon I am sure but you need money until that happens.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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