I’m, one of those people.
Yep, I’m the schlub that will hold the door through a high-rise evacuation and never let it go. I’ll wait through the endless line of pushy penguins until someone willingly offers to take the door from me, thanks MOM.
You see to my Mother, manners where a must. If you saw someone coming as you entered a building, you held the door. If you were represented with a gift or you needed help, please, thank you and/or no thank you, better be rolling off you lips. If someone sent you a gift, a phone call thanking them or a thank you note better follow. Manners where expected and accepted, NO excuse about it.
In fact manners were so huge in my family, I made them a must with my children. My children were always polite and respectful, when I was around! Like my Mother, there was NO excuse for being rude. If I found out you where rude, well… I got the name, One Tough Muther from my children.
However, today manners don’t really seem to be protocol.
Alright, occasionally a teen will hold the door for me. Once in a while my 8 yr old Godchild, has said thank you and last Christmas I did get a thank you note for a gift I sent my friend’s daughter, but as a whole, manners are a lost expression.
Yesterday, I held the door for three women and one man as they entered a cafe for lunch. Engrossed in their work place rhetoric, all four walked in past me without so much as a meager, thank you. Alright, it was my decision to hold the door however, that’s how I was raised. Can it be that everyone’s head is so far up their befuddled butts, that they can’t murmur, thank you?
Hell, I’m still waiting for a thank you note for a baby gift I sent almost a year ago. That damn kid will be in the Navy Seals before I’m ever thanked for the, Little Dudes Only Hately Lil’ Swimmer, the reversible bucket hat and the Kidco Peapod Sunshine tent but hey, who cares…
Does it take so much effort to purposely push out a thank you, I think not because I do it all the time. So I have decided to take matters into my own hands, you know become the politeness police.
Today I held the door for a young couple leaving the coffee shop where I was purchasing my strong and black. As they walked out past me, without so much as a whispered word, I yelled “You’re Welcome”. They stopped, looked at me annoyingly and walked on muttering something under their breaths.
Yep, polish up your pleasantness prose because the politeness police is powerfully present.

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