Cat versus dog. I’d love to bring a pet into my home so Which is a better pet? I do work a 9-6 job.. Which pet is more work because I’ve heard the good and bad about both.

Dear Jay Lynn,

I’d have to say a cat or maybe two. Cats tend to be more independent and don’t need to be taken outside to use the bathroom or walked daily. They are loving and fun when they want to be, but also can be totally aloof at times.
Jay Lynn, the reason I said two is because you are gone long hours and leaving any pet alone for so long can be unfair. By having two cats, maybe a brother and sister or two of the same sex, as they grow up together it would be nice company for each other. Whatever you choose remember, pets are a life long commitment who need love, attention, care, medical check ups, medical procedures and sometimes expensive supplies. Keep all those things in mind when choosing to be a fur Muther.
I know I love my dogs who are an enormous part of my family and I’m sure you will too.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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