I went to the liquor store this evening to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner for my husband and I ,and I had my son with me who’s 8. Husband wasn’t home I didn’t think twice about running in quick with my son. Some old witch in the store thought it necessary to point out my bad parenting because of having my son in the store. She made this comment– that these young moms worry about their party days and subjecting their children to it. In which I said -this is for my husband and I for dinner, my party days are long gone. Then this woman said that she can see what kind of mother I am bringing my child in a store like this. I then said lady, last I checked he wasn’t buying this wine. I mean Jesus, why are people so weird. Mind your own business . Am I the first mom to bring my kid in with me. I wasn’t leaving him to stand out side the store to be kid napped or hurt!

Dear Lisa,

Sadly, ignorance can be present in people at any age. This woman clearly had no right to make a snap judgement and is dealing with her own issues. New flash.. grocery stores sell wine and beer so maybe that is another place you should not allow your son to go into.
Lisa, ignore the uncalled for comment and consider the source. You took your 8 year old son into a store to buy a bottle of wine, not a bar to wait for you while you threw back a few, you don’t owe anyone any explanations and you did nothing wrong.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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