Some people should not have pets! I know these people, that every time they move they give their dog or dogs up for adoption only to end up adopting another dog or dogs. They move a lot. 3 times in the past 2 years. A TOTAL of 7 dogs. They have two now and just moved and want to put these 2 up for adoption. They said since they moved to the city where they dont have a yard and their is alot of noise that the dogs bark to much. I don’t get it, I have a cat and I havent had it for very long yet but I couldnt imagine getting rid of her, shes my family. So it blows my mind how people can just keep getting rid of their pets with out a thought. Now they are talking about getting a cat instead. I spoke when i shouldnt have i guess and said to them – Or maybe don’t get another pet, take a break. Because honestly, I’ve never seen them, play with their pets much and they were outside in the yards most of the times in the invisible fence.Why have pets? They said to me that they could never not have a pet because they are such animal people. Its actually bother some and I want to point out the time line of pets they’ve owned to them so maybe hearing it out loud will throw it in their face and wake them up..THEY ARE NOT ANIMAL PEOPLE.

Dear Emina,

BINGO, they are not animal people they are animal users. They use animals like a pair of shoes, one they are too old or start to creek they discard them. They definitely are not ANIMAL PEOPLE.

I have had dogs my entire life, I love them more than I love most people and won’t dream of giving them up.
These people are users who get bored with one pet only to swap it with another.
Why don’t you mention that to them?
Animals have feeling that hurt when they are left behind. They become depressed and very sad. Dogs especially are pack animals and need to be with their pack.
It stinks that these idiots think they are pet people because the only pet they should enjoy is a pet rock (google it if you are to young).
I would’t say anything, I don’t think saying anything to this clueless crew will help. However if they give the cat up I’d call the shelter they gave it to and spill my guts about their animals history maybe they’d be blocked from adopting.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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