Hello One tough Muther,

My question has to do with cigarette smoking. I do not smoke, nor have i ever and either does my husband. Friends of ours do, and they do so inside their home. I very badly want to open my mouth and ask them to please not smoke inside while we are visiting as it does actually bother me very much and i hate my clothes stinking like it. I’m not sure if there is such thing as an allergy to cigarette smoke but it bothers me breathing wise alot. I feel like it would be rude of me to ask them to not smoke in their home. It is in fact their home, not mine. What should i do? We don’t go over very often so this isn’t a major issue but it is something that i would like your advice on.

Thanks so much

Dear May,

Yuck, I hate cigarette smoke, it just plain stinks. It is nasty and if people are smoking in a room you’re in, you start smelling like an ashtray. AND that’s coming from an ex-smoker.
No, you really can’t accept an invitation to someone’s home and then ask them not to smoke while you’re visiting.
The solution is simple, do not accept any more invitations to their home. If they ask why you can’t stop over take a deep breath and say, “I have a difficult time breathing while I am there because cigarette smoke really bothers me” period the end.
It’s not a lie and if they are your friends they shouldn’t be burnt up that you’re honest.
Also, people most certainly CAN be allergic to cigarette smoke so maybe you are.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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