I love my boyfriend, he’s amazing, sexy, wonderful. The only problem (apparently)is that technically he’s still married. But his marriage is no longer a marriage, they will longer be together. I mean he’s been sleeping on the couch, so Its not like I’m breaking up a marriage. This happens sometimes..? Soon he will be with me so no one should be concerned.

Dear Angel,

No Angel the fact is, he IS married, period. Until he has divorce papers in his ringless left hand, your “boyfriend” is married. Girlfriend, if he weren’t married you wouldn’t be writing me or concerned about what others think. I am in no way saying you are he reason for his marriage breaking a part or that he doesn’t care for you, however I don’t want you to lie to yourself and convince yourself that the present situation is acceptable. If his marriage is “no longer a marriage” then it’s time grows a set, moves out and he moves on, right? Face it, you shouldn’t be a husband and a boyfriend at the same time, unless it is to the same woman, your wife.
My advice, life is very short, don’t waste a ton of time waiting for him to get a divorce. If he doesn’t start making changes soon, then you’d better think about making some changes of your own.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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