Dear one tough muther,

Is there any way to get visitors to take their shoes off at the door rather than walk through my home with shoes? I have hard wood flooring and they get so dirty especially when everyone walks in with their shoes. Then i can’t walk bare foot in my own home. I hate to be that person who has to keep telling people to take their shoes off. It’s common sense to do it. When I enter anyone’s home my shoes come off. Even my in laws ! At there home I take my shoes off , even my mother in law said thanks because these carpets are so light colored, yet when they come over my home they walk through with their shoes on!! It’s a pet peeve of mine. I’ve thought of getting a decorative sign that says shoes off , haha! so maybe they see that and know to do it.

Dear Lily,

Um, I’d also like people to remove their shoes when they enter my home however, that doesn’t always happen, no matter what I say. Lily, I actually had a friend who use to have slippers like you get in the hospitals, for her guests next to the door in a beautiful basket because she wanted snow white carpet.
Fortunately there are those friends and family who get it, unfortunately there are those friends and family who will not.
A cute decorative sign sounds like a great reminder however some people will just not remove their shoes, period.
Well, I guess that is why they invented door mats.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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