My question is about night terrors, I went through them with my oldest daughter in our old home. They were freighting, she would wake up screaming and have a wild look in her eyes, not know who her parents were when we were right in front of her and say crazy things like that she was on fire or that we have to follow the boy..All while in her trance.At first we tried waking her up but Over time i learned to lay her back down and say close your eyes and go to sleep. It worked. Now my youngest son is starting it. It started mild. Wake up crying with the wild look then fall back asleep. But last night he woke up with the wild look and what appeared to be holding is breath. He has burning hot and drenched in sweat. I kept saying to stop holding his breath he’d stop then do it again and point at his throat like to show me something is wrong. It scared me because i thought he’d pass out or was choking which was not the case. I laid him down just as i did my daughter but it only made it worse. It finally ended when i lifted him out of bed to take him to my room so i could keep an eye on him that he woke up and said “love you mommy”. Any way someone had their two sense on this and said it’s not night terrors, i have a ghost in my home and i need to get my home cleansed. This really annoyed me. I think it’s night terrors. Thinking it is anything else only scares me. Night terrors are real right? And it has to do with the body waking up before the mind from what i gather from experience..Should i get my home cleansed to be safe?

Dear Carrie,

This kind of thing happens in all families. At a certain age children begin to process thoughts and feelings that they have filed away during the day. When they become over tired or anxious, upset, frightened or confused those thoughts develop in their heads in the form of dreams. My oldest son sleep walked something horrible, we had a terrible time waking him up. He walked around the house, would sit under the table or in a closet and spoke as though he was awake, when in fact he was asleep. He talked clearly about things that bothered him during the day.
My third son saw a man that he was afraid of sitting on the end of his bed. This went on for weeks until I finally found out, through questioning him, that the man he saw was in the hospital emergency room that I took him to when he broke his arm. While I was filling out the forms in the er, the man leaned towards him and said “what happened boy” this scared him and he had that dream for weeks.
Talk, talk to your children. Ask them questions about what they have on their minds during the episode, after the episode or the next day. I believe in speaking to your child and if you have a gut feeling that something is bothering them or something is wrong, ask them in a hundred different ways. If you ask them enough and are truly concerned they will eventually talk back.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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