Hi OTM! I just bought a home recently and my house needs some major landscaping or something to make the landscape look pretty . I need to do this myself and at low costs. I’m on a budget. Do you have any low cost ideas or websites I could look into come nice weather? Flower bed ideas/flower pot ideas ect…I’ve heard you have a green thumb!

Dear Neilia,

I love that you’ve asked this question because I once owned a landscaping business and LOVED it.
Neilia, I love rocks and rocks of all sizes can be a wonderful accent when planting flowers and landscaping.
Plus they are cheap and a lot of times free. A farmer on my way to work lets me remove any rocks I’d like from his property and a friend of mine owns a beautiful piece of property with a small river running through it and I get rocks from there. I also have a great quarry up the road and the guys are awesome when I need to buy rocks.
My favorite place to get wonderful ideas is from gardening magazines. I go to the store and browse through all the gardening, planting and home magazines until I find something I like and then I buy the book. I plant mostly perennials so they come back every year but do add cheap, very colorful pots full of bright colored annuals like sun flowers, pansies, hollyhocks, dahilas and more all around the yard. I have started tons of these annuals from seed inside and then planted them out once the weather turned. Starting seeds is a real easy way to save money if you have the time and a room with a lot of sun.
If not buying these types of plants are not at all expensive and supply wonderful bright color.
Oh one last thing, I live in the northeast zone 6 and my Father always told me never plant anything outside until after Mother’s Day. He said the weather is still to uncertain until then and you never know if it could change for a day or two.
The 2 times I got excited and planted earlier I regretted it so be careful and if you do plant earlier be prepared to cover everything if you get a surprise from Mother Nature.
Enjoy gardening, it is very calming and be creative by making any design yours with your own special twist.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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