One tough Muther,

We live in a home where we rent and the home is split in two sides so we have neighbors next door to us. Our neighbors are very friendly, we aren’t friends so much but they say hello to us when they see us or if we are outside they will come over and talk. Out of the two yards, we have a larger yard then they have and They mow both yards, Their little yard along with ours. I’ve told them that they don’t need to mow our side but they ( it’s a father and son) insist that they like the exercise and that they know I am here with my kids and that my husband works long hours. We do own a lawn mower and have lived here a year now but they are really on top of mowing and say that they enjoy it. They also do other things like return my trash and recycle cans back to my back basement door. Should i just take it as kind neighbors or is there a way I can repay them? I don’t have much extra money being that my husband is the only one working and we have small kids so I have wondered if there is anything I could do for them in return. I have done some little things like we share a flower bed in the front of our house and i’ve cleaned that all out and planted some flowers on their side, I’ve done little yard work things just as i’m out there doing it. I’ve also for holidays like christmas, easter gotten them chocolates and such. My grandmother suggested i make them a cake, but then I wonder how often do i have to keep baking them cakes and what not. I’m not exactly betty crocker and these kids keep me pretty busy. OTM what do you think? Take it as kind neighbors or start repaying them, somehow?

Dear Danny,

Take it as them being kind and thoughtful neighbors. You have planted flowers, remember them on the holidays and say thank you so as far as I’m concerned nothing more needs to be done. As far as a cake goes ummmm I don’t think so, but if you are occasionally making something like brownies or cookies for your gang take them a few.
Seriously, if they didn’t want to do it they wouldn’t but like you said, they like doing it. By keeping the yard clean, keeping up the flower beds, saying thank you and remembering them at the holidays you show your gratitude and that is more than enough.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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