Hello I am 17 years old and my name is Charlotte and I have a question about one of the guys in my neighborhood. He is my next door neighbor and this guy goes out of his way to pick on me. If I think i’m dressed cute while going out the door he will make fun of my clothes or call me a hooker. Last week I bought a cute dress because some girls and I were headed out for dancing and I knew this dress flattered me. While I was on my porch waiting for my friends the neighbor I am talking about said nice dress Charlie, remember $1.00 bills add up. I guess saying I looked like a stripper? Which there was no way in hell I did but after hearing that I felt uncomfortable. Any who most of the time I ignore this guy because of how he acts. My friends and neighbors say that he actually likes me. Which if so that is not a very good way of showing you like someone. After all we aren’t in elementary school. He isn’t a bad looking guy but how could I get to know him if he acts this way. I never see him with friends either so I don’t know anything about him. What should I do about this guy?

Dear Charlotte,

Wow, your right this is straight out of 4th grade.
Yes, I do think this guy is trying to get your attention however I don’t know how old he is but I’m assuming to old to act this way.
You say you don’t know any of his friends, so you can’t even find out what kind of person he is which sucks. Have you ever tried having a conversation with him? Talking to him about school, the area, the weather of goodness sake. If this happens all the time then it has to be bordering completely annoying and harassment. Does he have have this attitude every time you see him? If so then I say confront him. Next time he starts ask him, “Dude what’s your issue?” and see what his response is.
By confronting him either he has something to say or hopefully he just shuts up.
Charlotte, I don’t think a mature guy should or would act this way so keep that in mind and be aware of that.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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