Dear One Tough Muther,

My Son and the neighbors boy have been friends for four years. The boys mother years ago tried to reach out to me, by inviting me to go out with her and her sister’s to the bar. A few times invited me to come outside and sit on their porch after the kids went to sleep to hang out, and a few other things. Stupid me was scared to make a new friend and I shot down every invite with a no thank you. It’s been years and we have since moved and so have they yet I do still see them being our boys are still friends. This time it is me trying to reach out. Suggesting that us mom’s get together over summer. Suggesting that we go out one night but now she is the one saying no thank you or maybe another time,. I realize things are different, that she is engaged now and planning a wedding an she has many friends. Did I really screw this up? I feel I made a huge mistake. This woman is such a good person, when I had car trouble she drove me to the school so I could make it to open house. She got me a job at where she works. I no longer work there but it was nice of her. I was intimated by her bubbly personality and very confident way of herself that I realize now was signs of a great person to be friends with. I’ve written to her of how grateful I am for all she has done and she responded respectfully., but I feel I missed the friend train. Should I just give it up now since I’ve put myself out there? I don’t want to seem like the needy wierdo.

Dear Heather,

I think you hit the nail on the head, she is engaged and planning a wedding besides everything else she has going on.
Timing is everything and at the time she asked you it was convenient and easy for of the two of you to get together. I have to be honest this friendship may not happen. Facts are she no longer lives near you and her life is going in a different direction.
Who knows what the future holds but now you know how to react if someone reaches out for friendship again.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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