My neighbor is such a character and when I caught her 11 year old daughter smoking I can’t say I was surprised. Her 11 year old daughter runs around town with boys and older kids which is crazy . When I caught the daughter with her friends on their front porch lighting one up I marched over and spoke my mind of how she’s much to young. Then left , not my kid, I can’t do much. When her mom got home from work I immediately approached her and explained what I saw and she told me she doesn’t agree or condone it but kids will be kids. as long as they don’t do it around her, because she says her daughter knows better. . Sick…. There’s nothing I can do right? The reason I’m involved is my daughter is the same age and I don’t want her getting ideas.

Dear Julia,

Your neighbor is a neglectful parent who has no idea what she is heading for in the future.
Is this woman clueless? NO she is simply careless, thoughtless, lazy and ridiculously neglectful.
She allows her 11 year old CHILD to run around town with “older kids” and doesn’t condone smoking but can’t stop it.
WHY does this woman have a child and what can you do?
Call child protection services, that’s what you can do.
Call anonymously and tell them how outrageously neglectful this woman is. Who knows by calling and reporting this lack of supervision you may just safe this child’s live.

Julia, this is just disgusting and someone needs to report this disturbing lack of parenting immediately.
Please help save this child and call.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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