My friend lies so much. Lets call her Sue. Sue will either fabricate a story or she will completely change up what happened for a new story. Most of the time, i dont understand the purpose of the lie. A few years back us girls went out for a fun night of dancing at a bar. What happened was our friend -The one who drove us there wasn’t feeling the bar and went out and sat in her car to get a little break or air whatever. She came back inside and that was it. We enjoyed some more time out then went home. Well I’m closest to Sue so i went back to her house while the other girls went home and when we got back to “sue’s” house the story she told her husband was crazy!!!! How our driver friend left us at the bar, how we kept calling her and calling with out any answer and that we HITCHED a ride to our driver friends house and then that friend who abandoned us then drove us home! When she told this story she turns and looks at me and says “right?” Which puts me on the spot not wanting to out my friend but i was thinking in my head, now what was the purpose of that story??? i don’t understand There has been very similar things like that story that have happened. I’m starting to think she has some sort of lying disorder! right? Should i have spoke up and said no, no thats not what happened at all? I just thought the lie didn’t hurt anyone, which most of the time they don;t but jeez, to go that far!

Dear Jessie,

I have no idea why your friend would go to such lengths. Was she late and afraid to tell her husband that she was having such a good time that she didn’t make it home so she made up such a crazy story. Did you call her out about it after and ask Sue, what where you talking about, to get a possible explanation?
People usually lie to protect themselves, cover something up or to be more interesting than they are. Next time this happens you must call her out. Hurting someone or not it is a lie and unfair to everyone she throws into the mix.
Speak to her and tell her DO NOT involve you because you will not lie.
Jessie you never know, what seems like a little white lie can hurt someone and you may be the next one she lies about.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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