My sister is pregnant with her first child and what she is choosing to name her child is disturbing. She is naming her daughter Grace after a family member that died in her teens by her own hand. This family member committed suicide. I think it is disturbing and when the child grows to learn who she is named after and how they died I think it will cause fear in her. My sister is choosing to use this family members middle name as well. How can I talk sense into my sister that this is not a good idea? This isn’t a good idea, am I right?

Dear Luna,

I don’t know the relationship your sister had with Grace, however it appears as though they were close.
Maybe your sister feels she is honoring Grace’s memory and keeping a small piece of Grace alive by naming her baby after her.
Did you ever ask your sister the meaning behind naming her baby after this troubled young girl. Instead of pushing your opinion on your sister regarding her baby’s name find out why she has chose the name she did.
Luna, once you know the story behind her decision if there is one, you may end up liking the name.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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