Who determined you were one tough Muther and why? You seem perfectly normal to me.

Dear Janice,

Thank you for asking, how kind of you to want to know.
My children gave me the name many, many years ago.
As a single Mother of 3 sons and a daughter for most their lives I had to be tough, strong and tell it like it is!
When they were younger and I wouldn’t let them do something or punish them they would tell me, other parents are their kids friends to which I’d say, “if you want friends go to school, I am your Mother” and they would say “your so tough”.
Then eventually they grew up and watched me deal with some very difficult life experiences and told me “you can do anything you are so tough” and one day my oldest son said laughing to the others, “Mom is One Tough Muther” hence the name. You can read a bit about me on my bio, http://www.theonetoughmuthershow.com/about/

Thank you again for your question Janice is was fun to answer.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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