My children , two boys very young (2&4) love running around the house naked. As soon as we get home- off come the clothes. I fight with them to put things back on, sometimes they put it back on but sometimes they don’t. Should I be worried?

Dear Vanessa,

No, you shouldn’t be worried at all, but truthfully you should take control.The boys have turned this into a game and whether you know it or not you are playing a long. Here is my suggestion, boys love to dress up like super heroes so buy each of the boys a set or two of super hero pajamas that they are “allowed” to change into when they get home. The reason I say “allowed” is because you have to make it special and cool so they will be super excited to change into the super hero p.j.’s.
Hell, my one son dressed up like Egon from the ghost buster when he got home for months.
Vanessa don’t worry all kids love to be naked and over time, grade school or high school humility will set in! Ha ha ha

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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