Sometimes I wonder if my mother has a mental illness. She has always been eccentric but it’s strange. One thing she does that Is off is when she meets people she tells them her name is different from her own. Her name is Diane but she will introduce herself as May, Tina, Nicole anything that comes to mind. She’s been dating a man for a little over a month steadily, but he thinks her name is Tina. My mother is not old, she’s 43 and she has always done this one thing. She says it’s harmless fun, but I’m not understanding why. Should I tell her boyfriend her real name? And when mom introduces herself as someone else should I make it a joke and say mom you’re teasing , you’re Diane. Because mom will keep going with it… Should she be examined?

Dear Marine,

To be completely honest, I don’t know what to say about your Mother’s odd behavior. I can “maybe” understand it if she was doing it to protect her privacy but for her to do it to everyone you meet and then to keep it going is bizarre. Marine, I am certainly not a psychiatrist or psychologist but it sounds to me like your Mother is trying to hide from who she is, why I wouldn’t know.
My suggestion which may be very difficult to achieve because your Mother thinks this is “harmless fun” would be to, ask her to explain to you why she does it and then ask her to please stop. Tell her you dislike it and think it is anything but funny. Explain to her if she doesn’t stop you will blow her cover and then she will look ridiculous.
Marine at this point I am leaning towards your Mother speaking to a professional because this behavior from a grown woman seems very strange to me.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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