Whenever I am with my mom and sister they fight constantly. It makes time with them unbearable and unpleasant. We could be anywhere, at their home or out and it doesn’t matter because they will fight. I am not one to yell out to shut up or stop it but maybe I should be? Or If I am able should I leave to show them how unpleasant it is or should I just ignore it an not get involved?

Dear Bea,

What a horrible way to kill a good day!
YES, you most certainly should make a statement by getting up and leaving.
Seriously, if they are so selfish that they can’t contain themselves when everyone is spending time together, then let them fight it out without you.
There is nothing worse than listening to two people debate anything and everything while you are trying to enjoy a day.
If I were you I’d get up and leave, then next time they wanted to spend time with me I’d say “no way” unless you both are going to stop acting that way.
Bea, be honest you are sick of listening to their petty bickering and have no intentions of ruining a day being stuck in the middle of it. If they want to continue to fight they can fight without you, plain and simple.
I have to feel if you stick to your word they will learn to curb the crap and eventually maybe get past it. If they don’t curb it, you won’t be there so they don’t get to ruin your day and that is 100% their ridiculous decision.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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