I have a relative who has an Eeyore personality . Woe is me. It drives me nuts. I can’t have a normal conversation with them because they find the negative in every sentence Out of my mouth. Then I have to hear all the negative in their life, how this isn’t working out, how this should be better, how nothing is great. I know we can’t change people, but I wish we could. Is there any way to help this annoying relative see the good in a day, in life? They are really unpleasant and sometimes it oozes over to me when they are around!

Dear Wendy,

I absolutely go the over the top and back so I can make MY Eeyore laugh.
I say ridiculous things and act like I am crazy. WHY? because I can’t stand a “woe is me” attitudes.
STOP…life is very short and if you don’t laugh every chance you get you are missing out on living.
The truth is your Eeyore, your relative is looking for sympathy pure and simple, DON’T give in!
Every time Eeyore points out a negative, you point out a positive. If that doesn’t work then you will have no choice but to break it down and exclaim, “you are depressing me”.
Once they realize this horrible attention seeking habit is not working, hopefully they will snap out of it. If they don’t stop hanging out with them and when they ask why tell them.
Some people just need it served straight up to them.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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