I just got married and bought my home on the same street as my parents home, which is where I grew up. I thought it would be fun because I have always had a great relationship with my mom. It’s not fun. Obviously I gave my parents a spare key to my home. And mom uses it. I wake up in the morning to my mom in my kitchen either making breakfast for me or brewing coffee..Or late at night while i’m in bed I hear the door open and next thing I know mom is there with a movie or wine. I even come home from work to things in my home rearranged or new things added. I really don’t think I mind her gifts or help but she just enters my home whenever she pleases at the most inconvenient times or when i’m not home. I feel invaded and disrespected even. And my dear patient husband is starting to get annoyed. Are we right and Is mom out of line?

Dear Connie,

It’s time to sit Mommy Dearest down and tell her “what’s up”. Are you kidding me I could see my daughter disowning me doing that.
What happens if you and dear, patient hubby are having “fun” in the kitchen and the happy wanderer walks in?
Come on of course you don’t mind the gifts and the wine and movie is sweet, a bit strange but sweet but breakfast?
Enough is enough.

She is having separation issues. Sit her down and calmly thank her for all her love, kindness and support, explain you are a married woman now and need to figure things out on your own and this popping in has to stop or she has to return the key. She may be upset a day or two but she will be fine and everyone will be much happier.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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