When do you think it is appropriate to decorate for the fall season? I’m not sure if it’s the cool air or what or the fact that I love fall and Halloween but I’m ready to get in the spirit so to speak. If I could have my home decorated fall themed year round I’d be one happy camper!! It’s to early though, right? HA HA

Dear Lisa,

I LOVE fall and Halloween. My kids would cringe as September grew closer knowing I would totally be creeping the house out on Sept 30th to usher in Oct 1 my official start of “Spook Season”.
I know I feel you I have the bug to decorate too but August has been unusually chilly in the north east. I don’t know where you are but we are still a tad early.
But hey let me remind you, fall flowers, leaves and pumpkins are perfectly acceptable in September so start gather the decorations we are only weeks away!

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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