Dear One tough Muther,

Life Question:
I am so miserable- Everyday i feel down in the dumps.I don’t have a bad life, but I focus and think very much about the negatives in my life, what could be different. I am always thinking about my depressing marriage, financial struggles.Thinking,Thinking, Thinking. But no action. I am so unmotivated for my happiness ,i am sort of settled where i am. But yet i will consume myself of the thought of so much happiness that could be possible. Do you have any suggestions that could help my soul, or any self help: book-video- website suggestions? I need a ‘WAKE ME UP’ ..something has to change.

Dear Lisa,

There are times in life when everyone feels down in the dumps and depressed. The good news is, you recognize it and that you need and want to “wake” yourself up.
I will be honest, pushing yourself is hardest. However you MUST make yourself, make the move. Take, walks, hikes, bike rides do anything to get moving. When people have too much time to concentrate on the negatives in life, life becomes negative.
There are a million things you can do to motivate yourself and change your mind set. In order to change your negative feeling you have to make a positive change. Summer is here so this is the perfect time to start a routine of physically moving and make yourself stick to it. I just read in a medical study that a 20 minute walk a day dramatically decreased depression. Even if your time is limited by your job or current situation YOU can take some part of the day to make a physical change.

Get up, get out and get moving. Do this daily and you will be shocked at how it will become easy, natural and needed. Soon you will begin to be motivated to make other changes. Reading a book or watching a video is ok but it still not going to give you the boot in the butt you need to get moving, so I will…..Move it, Move it, Move it or you may Lose it.
Everyday you let slide by is another day you can never get back.
Believe me, next month you will be so sorry you didn’t start tomorrow.

Hug Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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