One tough muther,

I wanted to know how you feel about marijuana. Do you think legalizing it will be a good thing. My husband thinks it’ll be such a good thing. He says it helps with stress, depression, cancer , headaches. He’s says its a natural drug . I don’t know how true that all is, do you? All I associate that stuff with is pot heads or people who are high all the time frying their brains. Do you think it has benefits?

Dear Michelle,

I am not to verse on the pros and cons of pot but I do know what your husband says about it has been studied and proven to be true. In my opinion I think marijuana should be used as a drug to help people with all of the above mentioned problems but not legalized for just anyone to get high and wander around publicly. I mean I’d hate to be on the road driving next to someone all toked up but then I don’t want to be driving next to someone drunk either.
Seriously, alcohol is legal, it is mind altering, people get addicted and cause harm to themselves and others and as far as I know there are no real benefits of drinking alcohol, so what’s the difference?
So I feel that marijuana has more potential to help people than alcohol and I guess with all the legalization going on we will soon see.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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