Constantly getting stood up on the first date. Always in the friend zone. I have a job, a car and im a good hearted honest person… All my male friends think I’m the perfect girlfriend yet here I am, still single. I’m fat but I’m happy and comfortable with who I am. I try to remain positive but I’m getting rather sick of being single.

Dear Roberta,

Damn it, I’m sorry that your being stood up, standing someone up is the act of a coward and gutless person.
You sound great and I am so glad you are happy and like the way you are, stay true to yourself confidence is strength.
O.k. so let’s narrow down what the issue could be with you finding a mate.
Are you looking for love in all the right places?
Are you looking where men of a like mind set of your’s may hang? Like the gym, a club where you learn a hobby, photography or whatever, dating sites where you can eliminate men you have no interest knowing? Have you ever asked a male friend for suggestions or mention to them you are looking for someone to be more than just a friend? I wonder if maybe your male friends might be able to suggest any of their friends? Do you flirt and not just come off as a friend?
I think now a days dating sites work great. Who ever you meet is also looking for a relationship. I also think when you pay to be a member of these sites it shows you have some real intention, you know “skin in the game.” However remember because you pay to be a member of a dating site that doesn’t eliminate the creep factor so make sure someone always knows where you are and with who.
I’m sorry Roberta these are the best suggestions I have without knowing more about you. Hopefully one of my suggestions will help you find who your looking for, a positively perfect match.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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