Dear OTM,

I think to often of things that have happened in the past. Mostly with my now husband. Rude things he’s said to me, crazy mean fights or mean words he’s said to me. I mean I’m always thinking about it and I think well how does he love me if he could be so mean like that. I think back as far as 10 years ago. Do you think if I’m worrying so much that that means something is wrong with us or should I move on since things are better these days?

Dear Marie,

People can always forget the pain from a slap but the pain from mean words can live forever.
Yes, Marie it is time for you to stop looking back and move on. Believe me, there is no excuse for rude, mean and hurtful words especially aimed at someone you love. However lack of maturity and being allowed to speak mean and disrespectfully to someone you love without consequences can lead to repeated bad behavior.
I am happy to hear that things are better and moving forward so now you must too, nothing moves forward while looking backwards.
Marie move forward, and make sure that you do not ever allow anyone, especially your husband to speak to you hurtfully with out setting him straight again. The facts are people can only talk to you the way YOU allow them to treat you so Do Not Allow It. Take hold of the behavior sooner or get stuck with it later, the choice is yours.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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