Hi one tough muther!
I’ve been feeling down lately, I think I’m spiraling into a deep depression. I’m 23 years old and I don’t feel myself. I work and go home to watch tv, on my days off I usually just lay around watch tv and eat. Sometimes I meet up with a friend from work or go see one of my friends for lunch and shop. I haven’t laughed or had fun in awhile. I used to go out with friends all the time when I was 18-20 now that I’m older I feel like everyone is off doing there own thing. I don’t know what to do I’m this age and I can’t handle life. I don’t want to see a doc for some medicine, I need advice. I wish I could meet new people but everyone I talk to is engaged or having/ have babies., I feel out of the loop. My boyfriend is VERY controlling and has trust issues. Every move I make he feels as if I’m cheating on him. I don’t do ANYTHING. I do love him more then anything he is my bestfriend. I feel if I lose him I would be so lonely. I need advice please

Dear Aria,

Honey, you need to get up and get out. The only thing that will change your current situation is YOU. You are right not to want to try meds (some people really do need them) just yet. You need to first try doing something completely new.
Exercise and physical activity are proven to psychologically to increase you happiness hormone as much as a drug.
Find a friend, maybe a family member or just by yourself put a schedule in place for regular fun. Workout, bike ride, go hiking, go swimming and STICK to the schedule. Once you start to feel the rush of being more active you will crave it.

As for your boyfriend and the jealousy issue, STOP that immediately. If he doesn’t trust you then he doesn’t know you and can’t possibly be your best friend. You are not a possession he owns and has control over. If at 23 he thinks he has the right to lord of your life, he is wrong and you are headed for a horrible mistake if you allow it. Aria, you and you alone are the master of your life. You and you alone are responsible for your own happiness. So you and you alone must wake yourself out of this funk.

The longer you lie around and watch TV, the longer and harder it will be to change your life. Days roll into weeks and weeks into months. Start today by making the decision to LIVE, next month you will be glad you did. I have done so much on my own, more than a lot of people and less than people I strive to be. No dream of life, fun and happiness is too big or not obtainable but you and you alone are responsible to make it happen.

Get up, Get Out and Get Happy.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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