I’m a potty runner. I am constantly running to the bathroom, if I’m out I need to know where all near bathrooms are in case I feel some uncontrollable potty time. It’s so embarrassing and I’m not talking pee !!

Dear Bonnie,

Have you seen or spoken to a doctor? You may have a food group sensitivity, a food allergy or even irritable bowel syndrome, each of which could trigger the bathroom bolt. My Mother has Crohns Disease and she also has to have all bathrooms mapped out if we are going anywhere. Please make an appointment to speak to a doctor and explain to them your symptoms. However, until you get to the doctor watch for a pattern that precedes the problem. You could have a problem with dairy. protein, fruits. vegetables or anything you may be eating.
So Bonnie my suggestion, get straight to your doctor, do not pass go and do no plop yourself on the pot!

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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