There is this woman in my town who is such talker. She is so over bearing. You run into her in the store she will talk to you for 30 mins! To be honest i really am not that fond of her and if i spot her i will turn the other way! I know that is bad but, boy oh boy, she is just TO MUCH. She obviously does not know of my unlikeness towards her so if i hear my name being called across the store I panic and try to ignore it or find a hiding spot!! She always wants to get together in which i say that i don’t really do much but if i ever do i’ll keep her in mind. Or if i tell her i don’t have time to talk and manage to get away which is very rare she will call me 5 minutes later. I have managed to ignore her and when i run into her i i usually tell her i don’t have time to talk that i am in a rush. NOW She is asking me through email if something is wrong.

How do you handle an over bearing person who will not just let up already? She is just not my cup of tea!

Dear Kelly,

Ugh, it is always such a pain in the rear to avoid someone who just rubs you the wrong way.
My neighbor who was a retired older lady daily would rush out of her house when I pulled into the drive to tell me anything and everything.
I use to feel bad and chalk it up to the fact that she was lonely but she would delay me going in the house after a long day at work for a minimum of 25 minutes to give me the neighborhood low down. I use to dread going home. I even considered parking down the street to a void her.
Finally I just grew a set and when she came rushing out I’d say, “Hello Shelly, sorry I have no time for gossip/conversation” and rush into the house. After about a week she finally stopped running out her door to greet me when I pulled in.
As long as you politely listen the person will continue with the behavior same behavior- You must grow a set and cut her short. I am sure after a few times she will get it.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One tough Muther

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