Here is my question. It’s nothing serious but i’d like your opinion. The last two days have been rainy and miserable. I can’t exactly send my kids outside to play unless i’d like to also clean up a muddy mess after, and who wants that. So I have been allowing my kids to just hang out. Play video games most of the day and my daughter plays on the laptop. To break it up, I do tell my daughter who is 9 to go up in her room and read a few chapters in her summer reading. But for the most part they are playing online. I don’t mind because my kids are so content and quiet, not fighting or causing problems.Which doesn’t happen very often.While they do this, I get my house cleaned. laundry done and get to sit back and read or watch a tv show for once. Is it so wrong to allow my kids to have a lazy day on miserable days where they just stay out of my hair. Like i said this isn’t an everyday affair. Even though I am enjoying days like today and yesterday I also think maybe it’s a bad habit ?

Dear mommy,

NO, I don’t think a lazy day now and again is a bad thing especially if you do outdoor activities with the children when you can.
However, I do feel you should break it up. Break it up with a family half hour where everybody helps clean up and a half hour or so project. My kids and I did jigsaw puzzles and to this day we all love doing them. We take one with us every year to the beach. It was fun and we loved the challenge. Everyone took a section, we worked and worked until it was complete and it could go on for weeks depending on the size of the puzzle.
I will be honest we mostly did them on very cold winter days however rainy days were great too. Just make sure you use a board and a table that isn’t constantly in use. That way with a big puzzle you can take your time and move the board if need be. I always thought of it as a mind challenge, great for the memory and it helped improve their awareness while being fun all in one time.

Give it a try and see how it goes. Video games and computers do not involve human interaction and i think working together as a team to complete something is a valuable lesson.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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