OTM, I get around five hours of sleep a night and feel fine. By the time I’m done walking the dogs and doing things in my nightly routine it’s 11:30/12am before I am asleep then I wake up 5am. I really function well on this sleep schedule and feel lousy if i sleep any longer than that. I know “they say” whoever “they” are, that adults should get 8 hours every night. will I regret this one day, and should I try getting more sleep?

Dear Jenise,

Wow, Jenise are you talking to the right person! I have only slept max 5 hours a night for my entire life. I get home from working 12 hours, walk the dogs, workout and write. 5 hours of sleep seems perfect for me. My girlfriend who is my doctor, use to worry about it saying “my body didn’t have a chance to recover” so they did 3 different sleep tests/studies in the hospital on me. I am perfect! Not a problem that they could find. When I am tired I sleep, period. I don’t really have a problem waking up or getting going either, unless I am getting sick.
Will we regret this one day? Who knows. I am in my mid 50’s and so far so good. If you feel like you can’t wake up in the morning or you are constantly tired, yes try to get more sleep. If you feel awake, alert and your not getting sick,what’s the point. You can’t make yourself sleep , if your not tired at least I can’t.
Janise my suggestion, if you are really concerned see a doctor and request a sleep study.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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