We have a mutual friend who is a massage therapist, and she recommended your site.
I am looking for a neurologist and neurosurgeon team to get a second opinion. I started having difficulty walking and some arm weakness back in 2012 and by the end of 2013 I had full spine MRI’s that indicated cervical (neck) spinal cord compression and a lower back problem. In Feb 2014 I had neck surgery that didn’t help. So in Jan 2015 I had lower
back surgery and that didn’t help either. I continue to get worse. I am trying to get appointments with other neurologists but their schedules are booked. One of the problems I’ve had was my neurosurgeon didn’t have a neurologist he works closely with, so I’m looking for a neuro-team.

Dear Tony,

I am so very sorry for your pain. Let me tell you what I did for my Mother when I couldn’t get satisfactory results from local gastroenterologists for her chronic Crohn’s disease, I made her an appointment at Mount Sinai in NYC.
The hospitals in the city are teaching and training hospitals and they have some of the best of the best there for other doctors/specialists to learn from. I have recommended friends to get second opinions in both Mount Sinai and New York Presbyterian Hospitals and have gotten wonderful feedback.Make appointments and go, even if they are weeks away at least you are moving forward.
Tony, please consider a “big” city hospital and for yet another opinion. Nerve and back damage can be so debilitating, which makes the drive to the city worth the risks.
Best of luck, my friend.


One Tough Muther

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