OTM, My daughter is a klutz. She is always knocking something over or tripping or flat out walking directly into something or walking on top of something. I am constantly telling her to pay attention. At the table for meals she will reach and knock cups over and spill A LOT. This is an everyday affair- a few times a day. Is being a klutz a medical thing? How can i help her?

Dear Abby,

This may sound like a crazy question but have you had her eyes and ears checked?
Her inability to navigate through obstacles on the floor and around items on the table have me wondering if she has trouble with her eyes which would create a depth perception problem.
Her constant tripping makes me wonder if she has a balance issue due to a deep inner ear infection. I know this things sound extreme but I have to think if she can’t get out of her own way it may have more to it than a lack of attention.
Please let me know how it goes.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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