One tough Muther,

Someone I know of is getting married in July. I wasn’t invited to the wedding being that I know of them, but am not their friend. A guy friend of mine who is going asked me to this wedding to be his date. I quickly said I’d go because I secretly am crushing on him and have recently gotten pretty close to him. The problem, I forgotten that months ago another guy friend of mine asked me to be his date to the same wedding, in which i said yes to. I haven’t spoken to him much anymore so it completely slipped my mind until he called me up last weekend reminding me of my promise. I told him that i completely forgot because we haven’t spoken much lately and he said well a promise is a promise and I was really counting on you. I don’t want to go with him anymore. ADVICE PLEASE !!!

Dear Ellie,

I know you know the answer to this question but need someone else to certify it. A promise is a promise, first come, first serve, your stuck! The guy friend you promised first went as far as to say, “I’m really counting on you.”
Unless this guy friend is a good friend you can explain the situation to and possibly get one of your friends to go as his date, I’m afraid the right thing, maybe not the BEST thing, but the right thing, is fulfill your promise.
Check with your guy friend and ask his if he’d mind if you get a friend to be your stand, that would fix everyone. That way he has a date and you have “your date” and everyone is happy. Who knows maybe the friend you find for him will really enjoy themselves and something comes of their time together.

Crazy how these scenarios seems to happen when we least expect them. In life there are always tough tests but that is how we learn. Ellie, keep your promise if you can’t fix the situation, someday you will be very glad you did.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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