Dear One Tough Muther,

My step sister has a new fashion fad. Wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots! It was cute at first but she wears them every single day since the start of spring. She went as far as to wear the hat and boots to our cousins wedding! Oh Boy, so embarrassing . I must mention that she is 17 years old, so she is not a little child playing dress up! I understand that her fashion is not hurting anyone but it is annoying as anything! I’ve imagined myself destroying these d*mn boots and hat just so it ends. People who I run into or I meet for the first time refer to me as the cow girls sister..Really?? How can I tell her in a nice way to give it a rest. She is very sensitive and has a hard time fitting in and I don’t want to crush her but someone has to tell her, Right?

Dear April,

Ummmm, maybe not. You say she is very sensitive and has a hard time fitting in, so do you think saying something will help her feel any more accepted? She likes the look and feels confidant enough to wear it and wear it.

I have an idea. Summer is here so go out and buy her a super cute pair of flip flops and a beachie floppy hat as a gift.
Tell her when you saw them and instantly thought she’d like them since she loves her boots and hat.
Hopefully she will wear them with as much confidence as she does her boots and hat and you will feel better. If not you have no choice but to deal with this, it’s what means her happy.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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