One tough Muther,

I rent and share a half a double house with neighbors. I Have my porch set up cute and my yard set pretty I love it. But My neighbors have so much crap and garbage piled on their side of the front porch. Also they have more junk piled in the shared back yard. I have reported them to my landlord only to find out that the neighbors actually own their side of that house. I have said to the neighbors little hints like ” Woo, thank god it’s garbage day tomorrow” or ” With this warm weather I bet we will all be outside A LOT more” Maybe hinting to clean up. No bite..My husband even said to them that maybe it’s time to clean up their side a little bit. They said “yeah, how bout it” But NOTHING has happened. What else can I do? CAN I do anything?

Dear Krystal,

This stinks. It appears your hands are tied. they own their half and you rent, enough said. Short of a health hazard or a safety violation there isn’t much you can do, except clean it up yourself.
My suggestion, divide and conquer. Create your own space.
Ask the landlord for his help. you would like to divide the porch space with a sunshade and the back with a fence. This does two things. It help visually create your side, allows a private space and gives you the chance you to dress up your side anyway you see fit while eliminating their overflowing clutter.

My father always said your best neighbor is a fence and I believe that to this day.

Good luck

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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