My sister is married and has been trying to have a baby. Unfortunately she has had three miscarriages . How do I help my sister, she is so sad and says that god does not want her to have children and is now giving up on the idea. It’s heart breaking to see my sister in this state and It is hard to find the words to help her after so many miscarriages.

Dear Kristie,

I am truly sorry. Someone who went through the exact same thing. It was so hard to see her broken and heart sick every time she lost another baby because the pain just got worse. She would say God was punishing her for something and ask WHY people who don’t want or deserve a baby would get one. Of course no one had any words that would comfort her or make her feel much better. Her own Doctor told her to stop trying and putting herself through such anguish of miscarrying because it was very doubtful she could carry a baby to term. She was just lost for a while after that.

Finally she starting talking about adopting. She felt good about giving a baby that wasn’t planned or wanted a wonderful life full of love and hope. So about 2 years ago she did just that, her and her husband took part in a private adoption. The very young girl was mature enough to want what was best for her unborn child and met the couple so she was sure her baby would get what her child needed, love and support.
Thankfully, unlike some nightmares their adoption went beautifully and the young girl, and the couple are all friends. It is wonderful that both parties met and the young girl was comfortable with the arrangement. To this day they are friends and keep her informed about the babies progress.

Maybe when time passes a bit you can point out adoption as an option. There are so many children in need of a loving home.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

Give your friend sometime and

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